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With an eye for design and an attention to lighting and detail, KRAAKS is a professional 3D visualisation company that is dedicated to architectural and product visualisation through clean and creative eye. 

The CEO and visual artist of the company is Meelika Kaarna ("kaarna" means crow in Estonian), the word "KRAAKS" is in Estonian a sound that a crow makes.


There is a legend in Estonia that a crow has one white feather on it. If you find it you'll gain the wisdom of the whole world and get along with everyone. KRAAKS is in constant search for it. Only the best is good enough.


Here is how our work process looks like:

  • contact us and let us know what your wishes are

  • we'll specify all the necessary details and give you a quote, also set the date when you'll get the finished work

  • we'll send you drafts for preview so you can make changes in the scene

  • if everything is correct and you are satisfied we'll send you the images


All projects are different, that's why we don't have fixed prices for our services.

Our end results are aesthetically pleasing and always delivered on time.

If you're interested in learning more about our work or getting a price offer, please get in touch.


KRAAKS has had pleasure to work with different clients from Estonia and abroad. Some of our clients are for example: Endover Kinnisvara, Palmako AS, Arhitektuuribüroo MA, Timbeco, Frank Ehitus, Valge Mammut, Polyfen, Mööbli Koda OÜ.

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